Winterfell Tour - here we come!

Wednesday, 25 March, 2015

We're counting the days until our brand new Game of Thrones Winterfell Tour starts!!

Our guides have all been out for their archery training at Old Castle Ward aka Winterfell - but managed to turn it into a fun day out more than a training day!  Pat managed to hit the inner bullseye on his very first arrow - so watch out anyone on his coach!  Did you know that Old Castle Ward is featured in the very first episode of Game of Thrones as the Stark family home, and this very Court Yard is where Bran is trained to use the bow and arrow?  Archery will be available as an optional upgrade on all Winterfell Tours, making this a truely authentic and memorable experience.

This fantastic Game of Thrones Experience starts next Friday (3rd April), and seats can be booked through our Game of Thrones Page.  Seats are limitited, so as with our Westeros tour - book early to avoid disappointment.