Is cheap always better value for money?


We are often asked the question by both tour and coach hire customers “Is that your best price?”.  In the world we live in now, we’re all on the look out for the best possible deal, and the internet is full of websites claiming to offer “The Best Price” or “The lowest price out there”.  Sometimes, with some things, the cheapest is certainly not the best.

When we are pricing new products and transfers, one of the things we think about is that if we were the customer, how much would we feel it is worth.  As a family, we love to travel, and use our travel experiences to see what other companies like ours are charging for similar activities in different parts of the world.  We always come away feeling the same – our tours are fantastic value for money, and much less expensive than they would be in a different country.

When we are the tourist, we also consider what would happen if we chose the wrong tour or experience.  The answer is always that we don’t want to lose a day of our holiday as we will never get it back.  Sure, you might get your money back if something goes wrong, but you’ll never get back that lost day on this trip that you might never have the opportunity to do again.

When you see one of those “Cheapest Tour in Town” style ads or brochures, please consider some of these things:

  • Is the vehicle you will travel in the same as the vehicle in the brochure/website
  • Is that vehicle safe
  • How old is that vehicle, and is it fully licenced, well maintained, certified, and insured
  • Will my driver be a good qualified driver
  • Will the person giving the commentary actually know what they’re talking about, and will they have a pleasant personality?
  • Will there be good access to the locations we’re going to visit, or will we be dropped off miles away?


We promise that:

  • The vehicle you will travel is a fully licenced, insured, well maintained, certified coach
  • Your driver will be fully trained, experienced and your enjoyment, safety and comfort will be their priority
  • Everyone who conducts our tours is fully trained by us, and is only allowed to work for us once they have met our own internal standards
  • We genuinely care about you, and the experience you have
  • We offer the best we can, for the best price that we can

Our tours and coach hire are priced at what we believe is a value for money level.  There is always a possibility that you will find a cheaper alternative, but will it be as good or better?  It's an old saying, but remains relevant "If an offer seems too good to be true, it usually is"!  You, our customer are our priority, and we will always do our best for you.